Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Won't You be my neighbor?

I have to admit I have never seen a Mister Roger's show but I remember the catch phrase "Won't you be my neighbor?"

As a child growing up my best friends were the girls who lived next door. I loved it. We walked to school together had a ton of sleep overs... it was fantastic. My husband also had an amazing experience with neighbors growing up playing baseball and hockey with them. So when we were looking to buy our first home we wanted a neighborhood for our future children. We live in a small town (5,000 people) right out side a big metropolitan. So we bought a brand new house (we got a killer deal) in a new neighborhood and we love it.EXCEPT...

I know there is always an EXCEPT! and this one is a BIG EXCEPT... we only have 3 neighbors right now... Which it totally fine because we don't have any kids yet and by the time they are old enough to have friends our neighborhood will be filled in. But we have this neighbor (and when you read that I would like for you to insert dun... dun.... dun...) lets call her Amanda (that is not her name) she is special.

Amanda has taught me a lot about boundaries. We moved in the day before thanksgiving. She and her husband and their 7 month old baby were going to visit family so she came over to ask us to look out for the house.. ok totally normal THEN she gave me all the codes to get into her house. I stopped her. I said Amanda I don't need your codes if anything is wrong I am going to call 911 no worries. Well she called me 3 times over the weekend to ask about her house... OK this when I really start getting tipped off this woman is a little special...

She came home and asked us to come over... I said ok we went over and had a wierd conversation. We kept trying to leave infact we stood infront of their door saying "yes, ok, unnnhuh..." for about an hour trying to leave. That was the first time she asked me to baby sit... Now I have known her for about 7 days now so I am totally a person you want to trust with your baby. I responded "I am sorry,  I don't really baby sit." Now I baby sit but only for people that I know and that I know their child but my radar has gone off with this woman and I really don't trust her. She could accuse me of anything.

Well since then she has asked me SEVEN, SEVEN times to babysit. Each time I give the same answer "I don't baby sit" Now if I asked someone once to watch my dog and they gave me the response..."I don't watch dogs" I would never ask them again. But not Amanda she thinks she can wear me down. One time she said "You know you just live so close it is so convenient." I thought to myself if I ever say yes to this woman she is going to never ask anyone else.

The last time she asked was on Valentine's Day night, yep that is right! She called me 3 times that night finally I called her back and said "Amanda, what do you need?" she responded, "first off how are you?" I said, "busy. what do you need?" She responded, "well I really need a big favor... can you babysit Amanda, Jr for just an hour or two? It would really help me out." I said, "No, I have plans"

I have learn to be blunt with her. I will now list the things she has asked us to do in the 3 months we have lived by her...
Install car seats
pick up "moving men" for her "on my way home from work"--- Because you know I am her husband
She has hot boxed my husband and asked he to move around her bedroom furniture-- he said no
band aids
Epsom salt
She asked us how to work her stroller latches
Pizza Cutter (twice)
To check on her child's breathing--- Because my husband and I have never been around children and know how they are suppose to breathe.

It is very obvious that this woman is very special. Although as a regular ed/ special ed teacher I do not mean that she is special ed. She is pretty crazy. And I have warned my husband to never go over there with out me I don't trust this woman to not make some kind of accusation, that could ruin his firefighter career. She has left her garage door up to late hours of the night so we will call her to put it down. She really will do anything to get our attention and all I do is ignore her now. She is not trustworthy and if there really was an emergency I can call 911 for her. 

But last night was the craziest episode with this woman...

She ran over when Riley got home from running errands and asked him about Amanda Jrs breathing. He responded that he was not sure about it but that if she was worried go to the hospital or call 911 and EMTs or Paramedics can  tell her more. He said he was not qualified to give any advice.. Which he totally isn't.

So then 8:30 rolls around last night and I receive this text "I really need you guys help!" I respond, "What do you need, Riley is studying and I am in the bath" she texted " Its about Amanda Jr's breathing." so I respond," Amanda, I am sorry we have never had a baby, if you are afraid you should take her in. I am sorry its better to be safe than sorry." Then about an hour later  I recieve this, " I know you don't have kids! I was hoping that Riley could come check her out! but she is better thanks. You all have a blessed night and don't worry about Amanda Jr!!" Obviously I did not respond.

I am hoping that this can sever all ties we have with them. I feel terrible because I want to have a good relationship with my neighbors but I don't want to be used. I also want to be at home and be able to rest and relax in my home not worry about someone coming over and asking me to solve all of her problems.

Well God is teaching me about boundaries just in case you were wondering.

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