Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Update, Week 9

Monday 1608, Workout- elliptical 25 min, bike 25 min, Lift weights 5 min
Tuesday - 1,373 Workout-elliptical 20 min, bike 20 min, Rowing 5 min
Wednesday- 1,439 Workout- Zumba 60 min
Thursday-1,558 Workout- elliptical 25 min, bike 15 min
 Friday - 2,295 Workout- Bike 22 min, Lifted weights/core training 30
Saturday- 1,898 Workout- elliptical 25 min, Lift weights 10 min, Rowing 5 min
Sunday-1500 Workout- none

Well I guess I can say that it was a good week! I moved more than last week which is good. But I am a little discouraged about weight loss right now. I don't think I can make my -15 lbs goal. I think I am going to be shy of that. 

It just feels like a lot of work right now and not a lot of benefits. I know there is the health benefits. But I just want to feel like I am doing more.

I wish I could get those big numbers like the biggest loser people. I know that I have a job and a life to where I can't work out all the time but I just wish I felt a little better about it.

I mean what if it takes me a year to lose 60 lbs? What if I do this for a year and I only lose 30 of the needed 80 lbs to lose...

I am sorry I am a Debbie downer..

On the bright side I had a awesome day with my husband yesterday. We went to church, then the grocery store, the movies (we saw Wanderlust... funny movie but a lot of nudity), then we went to the bookstore together and the we had dinner out on the lake. It was really wonderful Here is a picture of our dinner.

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  1. don't be discouraged. The biggest loser show is unrealistic and, in my opinion, not healthy at all. It is key that you find something that is sustainable for YOU and, most importantly, healthy! You are doing great!