Friday, March 30, 2012

The world's most honest janitor!

So many of you know that I am a teacher and as a teacher my day is filled with many great  human interactions, students, parents, other teachers, community members and of course the wonderful janitors at work.

Now we have gone through 8 day time janitors this year (that is a lot) but now we have these two great guys (Steve and Dusty) who work very hard and they are very kind. But we have had these 2 nighttime janitors who have been here at least a year. These ladies are very kind. Ms. M (I have changed names to protect the innocent) is an older woman (in her 60's) she is missing a few teeth but has a very fun personality and she works very hard for school. I enjoy talking to her everyday on my way out to find out how she is doing and what is going on with her family. She has really taken a liking to me. She has even given me termsof endearment "Ms. Hippy" or "Wide Hips"

Now I know that I like to recycle and by stuff at farmers markets but she isn't calling me Ms. Hippy because of my political beliefs it is because of the size of my hips. Now usually I hate when people comment about my hips. I don't hate them but I really don't want people commenting on them. But Ms. M, I believe is meaning all of this as a compliment.

Ms. M loves my hips. She talks about them all the time. I have told her that I am working on losing them but she tells me not to lose a pound bc of my hips. She would hate for them to get smaller.

I was walking down the hall with a male coach that I am his team leader, and Ms. M comes up and calls me Wide hips just to give him more ammo to use against since he loves to razz me.

I found out yesterday that she was talking to my best friend/fellow teacher, Donna. Donna is like me and is working on losing some lbs. Ms. M told Donna that she would look better if she could lose this area and she rubs her stomach. Ms. M said to Donna the other day, "You know that teacher, the one with the wide hips (as she makes a big round circle with her hands) I saw her dancing the other day (we were working on a flash mob dance for a pep rally) and she know how to work those hips.... ewww girl she bounces them back and forth down the hall too. When she starts having babies she is going to have it so easy. They are just going to pop right out of her."

I have two favorite parts of that conversation with my friend... Dear God, Please let me have easy pregnancies and labors. Next "I know how to work those hips" OH DEAR LORD... I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO WORK MY HIPS. In Zumba I feel so awkward and feel like my butt takes up too much room. This is how I am pretty sure I look...