Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly Update, Week 6

Monday 1243, Workout- C25k 30 min, Bike 20 min
Tuesday - 1360 Workout- Bike30 min, Rowing 10 min
Wednesday- 1340 Workout- Zumba 60 min
Thursday-1415 Workout-  Exercise bike 30 min,C25k 30 min
Friday - 1932 Workout- NONE
Saturday- 2175 Workout- c25k 30 min, Exercise bike 30min
Sunday-1758 Workout-Elliptical 25 min

I am sorry. I realize how whiningly (made up word)  my last post was. I was in the middle of a crazy moment. I started this morning which explains my inability to handle my mother this weekend and my food consumption Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I also have gained a few pounds but I think it it just water weight because of my period.

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  1. Today is a new day! Put the past behind and press forward! And we all need to vent once in a while. :-) Keep making healthy choices TODAY!