Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Yesterday was our 2 year engagement anniversary. Yesterday was a long shot from what our engagement night really looked like but it was a great night still.

I was sooo tired. I thought for sure yesterday was going to be a snow day from school but they did not cancel so I went to bed late and had to woke up early to watch the news to see if they were going to close it.

Also my husband has been on call for the fire department since Friday. He has had overnight calls every night. Last night he had three! And he has had to wake up and be at his job as a high voltage electrician for the City of Edmond! Its crazy. Poor guy! And if it has not been tough enough he had class 6-10 pm Friday night and 8 am -5 pm Saturday and Sunday. He is also taking 2 online classes.

I really don't know how my husband is functioning at this point. I would be asleep in bed but he is at work right now. After only sleeping about 1 hour last night. This weekend he also has the same class schedule as last weekend but at least he is not on call. Next weekend is his Hazmat operations test and skills test.

I am really proud of my husband. He is working so hard to provide a good life for me and our future family.

I am beyond grateful for him.

Today he left me this note under my keys so I would see it." Happy Valentine's Day! I love you. I am so happy to own a home with the girl of my dreams! Not a lot of people are as lucky as me! I love you very much baby! Love, your exhausted husband!"

It was precious. He is the man of my dreams!


  1. Awww, that's sweet. He sounds like a keeper! :-) Hope he gets some rest soon.

  2. What a lovely post! He sounds like a wonderful husband. I too hope he is able to get some rest soon.

  3. Hope you both get some sleep soon. Sleep is so important. BUT what a sweet day for you.