Monday, January 30, 2012


So I was just looking at my Daily plate. Which is my current form of tracking my food and weight and since January 1 I have lost 1.23 "points" on my BMI!!! I feel like that is amazing!!! Another way to measure and it is not about the scale.

Weekly Update!!!

Monday 1341 Workout- Zumba 60 min
Tuesday - 1909 Workout- Yoga 60 min (made orange chicken and brown rice for dinner)
Wednesday- 1630 Workout- Zumba 60 min (ate a very calorie high subway sandwich for dinner)
Thursday-1745Workout-  Exerise bike 30 min, weightlifting 30 min (we ate at On the Border this day)
Friday - 2355  Workout-walking lightly (we had buffalo wild wings for dinner)
Saturday- 1693 Workout- Treadmill 30 min, Exercise bike 25 min
Sunday-1199 Workout-None (I took a day off, plus I was trying to back off from the calories consumed Friday)

So as you can see I did have some splurge days. They were not terrible but I really tried to count calories and eat out and sometimes you are just going to go over because restaurant food is so high in calories. 

Saturday i started  Couch to 5k. It was fun but soooo exhausting. I have decided my new workout routine.

Monday- Zumba 60 min
Tuesday C25k 30 min and bike 30 min
Wednesday- Zumba 60 min
 Thursday- C25k 30 min and bike 30 min
Friday -OFFFFFFF!!!!
Saturday- C25k 30 min and bike 30 min
Sunday- OFFFFFFFF!!!

I think this is good, Its running about 6 miles a week and Zumba twice a week.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

exhaustion and bad food choices

I am sooooo tired. I completed day one of couch to 5k. Then I filled up with 25 minutes on the bike.

I got back home, showered my husband picked up subway for lunch and I was off to take my OPTE. That was a killer 3.5 hour, kick my butt teacher test. It was terrible !! 3 5-Paragraph essays and 100 multiple choice questions.

I also have made two days of eating terrible. I will get back on the wagon.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

against all odds...

I always love to workout! I know that when i workout it is good for me. But there is this moment about 15 minutes into Zumba I start freaking out about not being able to do it and wanting to run away. Am i alone out there?

But yesterday  I was sitting in the longest faculty meeting about stuff that didn't pertain to me and i kept thinking i have too get out of here to get to Zumba. Well i left my school at 5 pm got on i-40 for my 25 min drive home and amazingly there was not alot of traffic. I had to get home change and drive to the gym 10 min away from my house in 30 min. I got home my husband was on a fire call (he is a fireman) i had to change put the dog out feed the dog, make a water jug. Well i did that got back to the car, made it to the gym at 5:32. Then they tell me the class had moved because they were redoing the floors. So i got back in my car and drove over to the multipurpose room.

Now the old Liz would have not even tried to go to the gym bc she was already running late because of the meeting. I am glad i am fighting for my to workout!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just for kicks

This morning I got on the scale just to see what was going on in my body and guess what... another 1.2 lbs lost!! That is right!! I am now down 7.4 lbs!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYAY!!

If you can't tell I am excited.

I won't weigh again until next Wednesday!

Wednesday weigh in!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

6 lbs!!!

I have lost 6 lbs in 3 weeks!!

Other forms of wonderfulness;

- I have lost a bra size--- back to the B cups :)
- I have lost a pant size now size 18!!
- I have lost a size in shirts, I fit comfortably in x-large I am no longer in the 1x womans shirts!!
- I feel amazing. I feel so good about myself. That is the best award!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Update!!!

Monday 1556 Workout- Elliptical 10 min, Rowing, weightlifting, Treadmill 20 min
Tuesday - 1461Workout- Elliptical 20 min, weightlifting
Wednesday- 1697 Workout- Zumba 60 min, Elliptical 20 min
Thursday-1291Workout- Yoga 15 min (I was really sick this day)
Friday - 1600- Workout-Zumba 60 min
Saturday- 1658 Workout- Treadmill 25 min, Exercise bike 25 min, Rowing
Sunday-1411Workout-Elliptical 15 min

So this coming week. I really want to work on interval training. I read an exercise blog about interval training on the bike, 8 seconds going as fast as you can and 12 seconds going at a normal speed and keeping it up for 20 min. It said it was a good way to target hips and thighs since doing my measurements I have a 20 inch difference between my hips and waist. I really want my hips smaller.

And I tried on several shirts this morning. I am down a whole size now.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

feeling like a human again

Man, I am usually a really healthy person. I never get sick except for a yearly sinus infection. This year it hit me like a ton of bricks. Thursday was the worst day, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't drink water because my throat hurt so bad, I couldn't talk. I was miserable. I started taking amoxicillin that the dr prescribed and Friday it really kicked in.

I had to take both Thursday and Friday off school and I put in for a sub and neither days was it filled. That's the worst part about being a teacher because its so much work for everyone else. I felt terrible.

On Thursday I did a relaxation yoga DVD to help me and stay a little bit active but my breathing kept me from receiving the best results from it.

Friday since I was feeling better I went to the noon hour zumba class
At first I thought this will make me feel good, in the middle of the class i thought I was going to die, but by the end I was glad I went.

I really enjoy our instructor. She is very sweet and encouraging.  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

post nasal something...

Right after my 180 calorie power packed lunch I started feeling a sore throat coming on. Then I made it through my elective class and it just got worse. When 7th hour was finally over which is my advisory class with kids that I love very much but they were little punks yesterday (I am sure they are always little punks but when you feel bad you have no patience) i was just feeling terrible. My very sweet friend and even better coworker told me to get ready for a sub tomorrow just incase! I am so glad she did cause on my way to zumba( heck yes i still worked out, i know i am not contagious so i wanted to sweat it out) i started feeling worse and called in my absence today.

I am going to call my family practice doctor in a few hours and see what he suggest.

I remember a saying on pinterest, if the weather is perfect, if you wait till you feel great, then you will never do it. So yesterday was my testament to working out even when you just want to crawl into bed.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last week stats

 Monday 1528 Workout- Elliptical 20 min, Zumba 60 min
Tuesday - 1513 Workout- Elliptical 30 min
Wednesday- 1529 Workout- Zumba 60 min
Thursday-1520 Workout- learned a dance at school 45 min
Friday - 1998 ( I went out this night too much alcohol ) - Workout-none
Saturday- 1693 Workout- elliptical/bike/ rowing 35 min, plus machines
Sunday-1780 Workout-weightlifting 30 min

I see a trend. I am comfortable around 1500 calories and I am terrible on the weekends.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am discouraged this weekend. I feel like I am not making great strides. Just little bitty ones.

Today is my moms b'day. She turned 58. I saw a glimpse into what my future would be if I continued on my overweight path. She is over 300 lbs, she has worn out her knee because of the 4 decades of carrying extra weight. She has breathing problems, sleep apnea and gets sick almost weekly because she has a weak immune system.

It breaks my heart but to be completely honest I despise her. Not because of her but because I can see myself in her and all that I don't like about myself I see it in her. We struggle with the same weight issues. So although I'm heartbroken because she is my mom and I love her dearly, I am frustrated with her because I wish she could get control of her weight and her life.

Oh yesterday when we went out to lunch instead of waiting on everyone to order my brother ordered the big meal for the whole table to share. So instead of my well thought out meal, I had to sit infront of ribs, potato salad, fried onion rings and okra and tons of cobbler. I did my I ate half a piece of smoked turkey a little cold slaw and I gave into some peach cobbler at the end.

I was so discouraged by the end of the night I ate no dinner although I killed myself in the gym yesterday and I took it out on my poor sweet husband.

Poor Riley I think I have taken out all my frustration with the lifestyle change on him.

Friday, January 13, 2012

last night...

Yesterday was a long day at school. I stayed late to learn a flash mob dance that we are going to surprise the principal with at the next pep rally so as lame as that sounds I totally counted the 45 minutes we spent standing and going over the dance as my workout.

Last night by the time I got home I was so exhausted and I did not have the meal already ready in the crock pot I gave into my temptation to Little Caesars pizza. Before I did I looked at my calorie counts for the day and I was at 500 so I could eat 2 pieces and 3 crazy bread for a total of 700 calories putting me around 1200 for the day. By the time I was eating the last piece I was so full so I did not finish it entirely.

Of course it made me sluggish the rest of the night and I got up to do my medicine ball and totally was not motivated. Luckily my husband was throwing the ball at me so he kept me going. Since I still needed to eat a few more calories I had a yummy fudge dipped coconut granola bar! It was sooooo good. Its like eatinf Samoas cookies from the girl scouts.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

pants, slacks, jeans, pantalones

Today I wore a pair of pants that I could not zip up last month.

I wore them all day zipped up and they were comfortable! It was awesome! I know I have not weighed myself and I am not sure even if I did that I would have lost weight but I can tell you the best part of losing weight is getting back into older clothes that you have not worn in months or even years!!

I can't wait to get into this pair of really cute jeans! I hope maybe by Valentines day!!

This means I am back into the teens for sizes. I was up to a 22w but now I am wearing an 18 regular!! no W !!

What if by this year I got out of the teens and got into the single digits!!! YAY!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Now that I have been at this a few weeks I have noticed my taste is changing and my appetite is different.
I  had black tea and since I am used to green tea I put a splenda in it to take the edge off. But i realized i finally enjoy tea unsweetened. I hated it 3 weeks ago when i started it but now i really enjoy my tea with nothing in it! Too much sweet makes me thirsty and i don't like it.

Also i noticed i get fuller faster! I ate 1358 calories today and i am going to bed full and content. 

Changes changes!!

Oh and today i wore a shirt that i haven't worn in 2 years!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So I considered myself a Zumba intellect since I have been doing it on my wii and of course I have been to 3 zumba classes 3 years ago so of course I am an expert.

That was until I went to Zumba last night. I went with my cute capris and one of those cool shirts that all the hipster runners are wearing, Well about a minute into the class I realize that my capris are riding up and my shirt will not stay down so on top of stay on top of the moves I had keep tugging at my shirt and pants. Not only did my shirt ride the sweatier I got the more it would cling to the place you never want a shirt to cling. It was embarressing.

But besides the clothing incident I had a fun time. We had people at all stages of zumba there. There was a lady who was close to 400 lbs moving and shaking with all of us and even some young kiddos having fun.

It was a fun experience and I look forward to going back on Wednesday, well in a more forgiving pair of pants and more lose t-shirt.  

Monday, January 9, 2012

last week Calorie totals

 Monday1102 Workout- Elliptical 23 min, Zumba 20 min
Tuesday - 1380 Workout- Step Aerobics 22 min, Gym- 30 min
Wednesday- 1673 Workout- elliptical 57 min
Thursday-1500 Workout-walked Maddux 30 min, Elliptical 10 min
Friday - 2036 ( I was starving this day) - Workout-walk around the block 30 min
Saturday- 1351 Workout- gym 40 min
Sunday-1899 (cheat day) Workout- Zumba 20 min

Week 3

So today is the 3rd week of my change in lifestyle.

I feel a million times better than I did the day after Christmas (the day I started). No soda, counting calories and exercising everyday. I had a cheat day yesterday and I still eat within my calories but I allowed myself to eat out and enjoy it. I just find that I get fuller faster and in turn do not eat as much.

My close feel loser and my body moves better. I know it is only 2 full weeks but I can tell a difference.

That in one pound of fat! I am going to start rejoicing even when I only lose one pound. It makes me lighter.