Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Update!!!

Monday 1341 Workout- Zumba 60 min
Tuesday - 1909 Workout- Yoga 60 min (made orange chicken and brown rice for dinner)
Wednesday- 1630 Workout- Zumba 60 min (ate a very calorie high subway sandwich for dinner)
Thursday-1745Workout-  Exerise bike 30 min, weightlifting 30 min (we ate at On the Border this day)
Friday - 2355  Workout-walking lightly (we had buffalo wild wings for dinner)
Saturday- 1693 Workout- Treadmill 30 min, Exercise bike 25 min
Sunday-1199 Workout-None (I took a day off, plus I was trying to back off from the calories consumed Friday)

So as you can see I did have some splurge days. They were not terrible but I really tried to count calories and eat out and sometimes you are just going to go over because restaurant food is so high in calories. 

Saturday i started  Couch to 5k. It was fun but soooo exhausting. I have decided my new workout routine.

Monday- Zumba 60 min
Tuesday C25k 30 min and bike 30 min
Wednesday- Zumba 60 min
 Thursday- C25k 30 min and bike 30 min
Friday -OFFFFFFF!!!!
Saturday- C25k 30 min and bike 30 min
Sunday- OFFFFFFFF!!!

I think this is good, Its running about 6 miles a week and Zumba twice a week.


  1. thats a great schedule!!! plus 1.23 off the BMI! Way to go!!!

  2. I ran across your blog this morning and it looks like we have the same goals! I look forward to following your journey.
    Great workout schedule also!