Saturday, January 21, 2012

feeling like a human again

Man, I am usually a really healthy person. I never get sick except for a yearly sinus infection. This year it hit me like a ton of bricks. Thursday was the worst day, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't drink water because my throat hurt so bad, I couldn't talk. I was miserable. I started taking amoxicillin that the dr prescribed and Friday it really kicked in.

I had to take both Thursday and Friday off school and I put in for a sub and neither days was it filled. That's the worst part about being a teacher because its so much work for everyone else. I felt terrible.

On Thursday I did a relaxation yoga DVD to help me and stay a little bit active but my breathing kept me from receiving the best results from it.

Friday since I was feeling better I went to the noon hour zumba class
At first I thought this will make me feel good, in the middle of the class i thought I was going to die, but by the end I was glad I went.

I really enjoy our instructor. She is very sweet and encouraging.  

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  1. ug, I finished my yearly "strep/tonsillitis" combo about 15 days ago. It always gets me in the winter and knocks the crap out of me. Glad you are feeling better! I have to get back to zumba class again soon. They are so fun!