Thursday, January 26, 2012

against all odds...

I always love to workout! I know that when i workout it is good for me. But there is this moment about 15 minutes into Zumba I start freaking out about not being able to do it and wanting to run away. Am i alone out there?

But yesterday  I was sitting in the longest faculty meeting about stuff that didn't pertain to me and i kept thinking i have too get out of here to get to Zumba. Well i left my school at 5 pm got on i-40 for my 25 min drive home and amazingly there was not alot of traffic. I had to get home change and drive to the gym 10 min away from my house in 30 min. I got home my husband was on a fire call (he is a fireman) i had to change put the dog out feed the dog, make a water jug. Well i did that got back to the car, made it to the gym at 5:32. Then they tell me the class had moved because they were redoing the floors. So i got back in my car and drove over to the multipurpose room.

Now the old Liz would have not even tried to go to the gym bc she was already running late because of the meeting. I am glad i am fighting for my to workout!


  1. WOOHOO! Way to make healthy choices! Determination is definitely key.

  2. Awesome! those are the choices that count! new habits!!