Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekly Update, Week 16

Soooooo last week I was kind of a food wreck. I tracked each day but most of the time by the evening I was already so close to my calorie count that I stopped tracking and kept eating. Not a great combination!

But I have recovered. I only let myself do it for a day or two and now I am back on track! I have lost 2 of those lbs from the gain last week and I have started weightlifting thanks to the encouragement from my friend Jaime. Read her blog! I do! http://faithmommajp.blogspot.com/

So last week I am just going to give you a rough estimate of my stats! Oh yes and I dropped my phone on Easter Sunday and had to get a new phone on Monday so I changed how I was tracking my calories. I am now on myfitnesspal, my name is rileylizzie if you want to friend me.

Monday 1949, Workout- Zumba 60 min, Burnt 785 calories
Tuesday - 2172 Workout-walking with the dogs, burnt 326 calories
Wednesday- 1741 Workout- Zumba 65 min, Burnt 851 calories
Thursday- Didn't count dinner--- Workout- none
 Friday -1900,  Workout- worrying about our house being blown away by a tornado
Saturday- 2500 Workout-Still worried about the house
Sunday-899  Workout - stomach flu ish day. No workout. laid in bed all day.

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  1. tomorrow is a new day! excited to follow your journey.