Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday weigh in and Pictures!!!

I've lost 1 more pound!! -19 lbs total!!!

Yes I am so excited! I feel really great. I am making more good food at home and I think it is paying off.

The fence is almost done. We had a big storm yesterday so we could not finish the gate side but we have finished all of the hard work part. I missed Zumba for the first time but we worked on the fence until about 9 pm on Monday night. My father-in-law and mother-in-law have been such a big help these last few days. I have no clue how we could have done it without them. 

My mother-in-law suffers from Lupus and several other health problems, last year she was in such bad condition she could barely leave the house. But I truly believe that it is through God's miracle working hands she is doing a lot better and she has even been out there working along side of us.

Here are some pictures of the fence! 

Also this weekend we went to the wedding of Riley's cousin. We had a nice time and it was a beautiful wedding. I love my husbands little grin. I think he is so cute!!

I have been told by my mother-in-law, a fellow teacher and another person that they can tell a difference. I feel really good about this weight loss. 

Hopefully I can be -30 lbs for my birthday (May 16th) If not I will take -25 lbs! 

It shows me that I started something and have stuck with it.


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss - that is amazing. The fence looks great. We've built them before and it is a lot of work!

    You and your hubby look so happy and you are beautiful!

  2. Woohoo!! Congrats on the loss!! Beautiful fence too!!