Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly Update, Week 14!

Wow I can't believe I have been doing so well. I have lost another pound! -18 lbs total!!! I am soooooo happy! It averages about 1.14 lbs a week! That feels really good!

Monday 2614, Workout- Zumba 60 min, Burnt 785 calories
Tuesday - 1365 Workout-walking with the dogs, burnt 326 calories
Wednesday- 1810 Workout- Zumba 65 min, Burnt 851 calories
Thursday-2013 Workout- Building the fence, Burnt 750 calories
 Friday - I guess I only tracked breakfast and lunch, workout building fences, 1700 calories
Saturday- 1100  Workout-Building fence- 500 calories
Sunday-1770 Workout walked the dogs, 45 min, burnt 450 calories

We have been working on our fence. It should be done today! I am so excited. Here is all the hard work we have been putting in. Digging the holes, mixing concrete, sawing stuff, measuring stuff, ratcheting stuff. It has been a long process but my husband and father in law got the nail gun today and should be putting up the boards! Then our big baby will have a yard to play in!.

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