Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Update, Week 15

Monday 1904, Workout- Building the fence- 4 hours after work
Tuesday - 1460 Workout-walking with the dogs, burnt 326 calories
Wednesday- 1371Workout- Zumba 65 min, Burnt 779 calories
Thursday-a whole lot of calories probably over 2600---- Donuts for my 2nd hour (I ate 3) and pizza and beer at the baseball game that night.... No workout except the stairs at the ballpark
 Friday - 1677- workout- track- 2 miles- cleaned the house for 2 hours- throwing the baseball around
Saturday- 1500 calories- Bike the lake trails (10 miles) My rear end is soooooo sore.
Sunday-1770 Workout biked around the block--- not too far--- the rear end situation.

We had a nice weekend. I have come to realize that Easter is not my favorite holiday.

I believe that Christ rose from the grave and I celebrate that but besides that it is not so great with life happenings.

When I was a kid my dog got out and was ran over on Easter (my first dog that was my own not the families), my mom was in a car wreck, pretty bad 3 years ago (she is ok, but it was a terrible day) and yesterday my husband and I were at odds with each other the whole day (no major reason just couldn't get along) and then I dropped my phone and shattered the screen.

I know I cried about it yesterday. My husband laughed and that made me sooo angry. I am not a person attached to worldly things like that but it was what I kept track of my weight loss stuff on. It was how I checked the weather, it was so engrained in my daily life that it was more than just a phone.

Now I am one of those people who is not always on my phone but when I sat down I liked to check my calories and look at all my pictures. I had pictures on there from when my niece was only 1 year old and barely had any hair... I just miss my pictures. I had pictures from my trip to Napa Valley to out vacations and summers.

It just sucks.

One victory--- I did not eat one peanut butter egg this Easter... I can usually pack away about 10 in the course of a Easter holiday season. But I did not even eat one. But I did have 3 cadbury eggs but they were spaced about a week apart from each other.

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  1. Sorry you had a rough weekend. I know how it feels but we are stronger than this and we can overcome anything!