Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekly update week 12 and 13!!!

Wow it feels like it has been a very long time.

I had the best time with my family last week! They were so much fun. We played and played. We went to the park, the zoo and the science museum. We walked everyday and ate well. I really look up to my sister who has really gotten a good grasp on what it is like to eat well and live well. She has not had a major weight problem like I have but she has had times where she has weighed more and has used good nutrition and daily exercise to get back to a healthy weight.

She and I went to Zumba together Monday night and it was very fun. I felt fit and healthy and felt like I could keep up or maybe I was in a little better shape than her. We walked around the Zoo and I was pushing the stroller and I felt good and was able to keep up with everyone. Some times when you are at a high weight you feel scared to do physical task because you don't think you can keep up but I did not have any of those doubts this time.

I was on the floor playing with Penelope and kept up with a two year old. It was awesome.  (I have no clue who that man is in the background)

Next I have lost another 2 lbs!!! -17 lbs so far since January 1!!!! I feel great about it! I am really proud of myself. Even though they were here I was able to keep track of my food and playing was my exercise.

We have had another big life change happen in our lives. When my sister came from Arizona they brought their third dog Scrubs with them. We have been wanting a big dog for some time and we are very excited about getting a dog that is already potty trained and we know how he acts around children. I love the new dog. He is very sweet. 

He loves our chihuahua and they interact really well. Also he is a great running buddy. There is quite a size difference. 

I am not going to list my calories and stuff for two weeks. But I will say I have stayed between the 1300 and 1900 all days except for yesterday because  we are putting up a fence. I worked from 8 am to about 8 pm last night. We dug 39 post holes and I am soooo very exhausted. Next house we buy will have a fence already. I don't care how much it cost I want a fence to be put in it is soooo much work. But hopefully this hard work can help me lose the next 3 lbs to get to my -20 lb goal!!


  1. Glad you had fun with your family and you did awesome with your calories. I was wondering the other day where you had gone to.

  2. You are doing a great job! Congrats on the loss! I had fun with family last week, too. Then a weekend in Colorado celebrating my birthday. I was shocked I didn't have a big gain. Sometimes it's all about keeping active and eating good stuff!