Thursday, March 1, 2012

I figured it out!!! March Challenge!

I figured out what I want my March Monthly challenge to be!!!

I have yet to do a challenge per say besides the most evident challenge lose 80 lbs!!!

But the Month of March my challenge is simply this...

Not eat in front of anything...

My list of things I am not eating in front of or when I am on it...

Driving my car

The place I am going to eat is my kitchen table. 

Now my husband I usually eat at the table but I always heat up my breakfast and eat it in the car on the way to work... then I will eat lunch sometimes in front of the computer and I usually always have the distraction of my phone. 

So this month I want to savor my food. Enjoy my meals and enjoy the company around me even if it is just my company... I have great conversations in my head!!!


  1. Good plan! Does it make us crazy that we have great conversations in our heads? ;)

    1. Nahh I think it makes us interesting people. I mean if we can keep ourselves laughingthan others must think I am funny too... It works that way right?

  2. Great challenge. I personally need to work on this too!