Thursday, March 8, 2012


So I am totally at this plateau.

I weighed this morning and I am at -14 lbs but I have been near -13.6 and -14 for about 3 weeks. I can't seem to shake this plateau.

I really want to be -15 and hopefully -20 by the end of March.

I am working out the same amount. I have added in running into the mix.

I also am staying around 1700 calories. I have been working out hard working off about 700+ calories at least 5 times a week. So I don't know if I am eating enough calories. I do not eat extra calories on the days I work out and I am only averaging about 900 calories that day. I am wondering if I need to eat more those days.

I just want to get over this 1 pound hump that I have been stuck at for about 2 weeks.

1 comment:

  1. I have always heard that you are suppose to eat more "clean" type calories to break the plateau at any point. You might also try changing up your workouts for a few weeks.