Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Update, Week 11 and grocery store angst from a meat eater

Monday 1910, Workout- Zumba 60 min- Burned 795 calories
Tuesday - 1573 Workout-Bike 50 min-- 9 miles --- Burned 872 calories
Wednesday- 1620 Workout- Zumba 60 min-- Burned 795 calories
Thursday-1478 Workout- Bad day at school, went to bed early
 Friday - 2101 Workout- walked outside when I took my 5th hour out to play- burned 165 calories
Saturday- 2143 Workout-Bike 50 min -- 10 miles, Abs, arms- burned 1872
Sunday-1590 Workout-walked/jogged 40 min with my dog outside it was a nice day. Burned 517

I am adding in what the says I burn for these activities. I am still thinking about how much I am burning and how many net calories it says I am consuming. I do not want to wreck my metabolism. I want to do this the healthy way and learn to eat in a healthy way.

I have broken my 15 lb barrier last Friday morning. I knew that I really wanted to hit this number so I kept  weighing every day or so which I know is terrible but I wanted to break this barrier. 

My sister, brother in law and niece are coming to visit us for my spring break next week. Actually they will be here on Friday. They eat very clean so I am not worried about gaining weight with them. Hopefully perhaps I can still drop with them here.

Yesterday at the grocery store we kept looking for organic and other whole foods for them and us while they are here. It was funny, my husband who is a total Oklahoma man. I mean he hunts and fishes, he is strong and does all kinds of manly things. Well we have changed our lifestyle and I used to be a vegetarian and I have always been an advocate for the farmers market and other local produce. So yesterday in our basket, if we had meat it was chicken, turkey, fish or morningstar burgers. My poor husband looks up at me and ask if he is ever going to eat red meat again. Of course we will but he really loves the morningstar burgers and he ask for fish often so it is really fun to see his transformation too.

Because I have been doing well on my weight loss with the rewards list--- 5 lbs- new earring, etc... he told me he needs to start one for the 2 lbs he needs to lose. -1lb he gets a new firefighter helmet ($250) I just laughed in his face... 


  1. Hello, I found your blog from scale junkie.

    Just wanted to send a big congrats on breaking the 15 lb barrier!

    Also I am a fellow Zumba lover! By far my fav exercise!

  2. Actually, there's always a debate about how often to weigh. I have to do it every day or gains sneak up on me. I read one article that says it is good to weigh every day and people who did tended to lose more weight. But I think it totally depends on the individual. Some people do obsess too much. But it helps me stay on track.