Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So we just got home from vacation. Its a beautiful thing, vacation that is
 I also lost 4 lbs over vacation. Which was very hard in my grandma's house when I was trying to refuse 2nd and 3rds on dessert. But I really worked hard this week to listen to my body. If I was hungry I ate, if I was full I stopped.

This sounds like such an easy concept  but its not for me. I am an emotional eater. If I am stressed I eat, if I am I eat, if I am happy I eat. And I am not eating fruits and vegetables. I am finding a drive thru, a Starbucks, or the left over ice cream in the frig.

I am worked on making sure I sit down and enjoy my food. Today I ate out twice, our plane left at 6:30 so we grabbed a sausage biscuit before. I listened to my body and ate only half of it. At lunch we had chickfila, i ordered what i wanted a Caesar grilled chicken wrap and at half. I want to really listen to my body and respond in a healthy way.

I am working  on the emotional eating.

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