Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my mission for the month of August

I read this great article years ago in Self magazine, it was about a woman on her weightloss journey. She talked about how she would walk daily with her new born child and she would pass this bakery with the most amazing brownies. Daily she would want to stop by and grab one and she told herself everyday "this is the last one! I will reward myself this one last time then I will never get one again." As we all know as non successful doeters we all justify anything as "the last one," "I will never want it again," "tomorrow i will start after this last..."

This is where the woman's mindset changed.

Instead of thinking of it as the last one ever, she began to tell herself she can have it tomorrow. Its not off limits but that she will forego it today and she can have it tomorrow. After she had success with one day, when she passed the bakery the next day she was able to forego the brownie one more day. Finally she had one and she was able to enjoyit because she had taught herself how to say not now but later.

This is the principle i want to learn in my life this month. I am not going to deprive myself but i am not going to have one last meal. I am not going to justify anything by saying its the last time I am going to eat it. Cause lets not kid ourselves.

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