Monday, May 14, 2012

New Beginnings!

So some of the reasons that I have been MIA is because I have been interviewing for another job!

I have applied, interviewed and 2nd interviewed for a position closer to my house. In a great school district. It was a pay cut and a very hard decision to leave my dearest friends and family at my current school but it was well worth it.

I spent last weekend praying and deliberating the pros and cons of this move.

My current school is urban and low income and comes with a lot of struggles but it also comes with so many benefits and a feeling at the end of the day that I  have changed lives and impacted the future.

I love my current school. I love my best friends that I teach with and hang out with everyday.

But they are all leaving too. My bestie is moving to Tulsa Oklahoma with her husband and two of my other besties are leaving one because they did not ask her back (which made me so mad, she is the best teacher and they fired her for personality reasons because they just did not like her, she had great relationships with the kids and she also had great test scores, which makes me mad but is a reason that they keep or release teachers.)
the other teacher I love is leaving because in this profession you have to be surrounded by amazing people that you can count on and rely on and with all of us leaving, its too hard to stay.

The school that I am moving to is brand new. It is gorgeous! I am moving grades I am moving to 8th grade but I am very excited about it because I am tired of babying 6th graders. Also the team that I am moving on is awesome. I really like everyone I ahve met and I am excited about getting settled into a home school.

This new school is closer to home and a block away from where I want to take my kids (when I have them)

 Although this was a rough decision. I think it was what is best for my family and my future.

Also 4 more days of school left!



  1. Hey, congratulations on getting a new job! Looking for a new job is something I despise, so you are a very brave person.

  2. I have so much respect for teachers. I wish you the best on the new school. It sounds like it was a difficult decision but one you are at peace with and that is great.